Why Confluence is the Perfect System for Read & Understood Training

Written by Rina Nir

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If you work for a life sciences company, you know that the impact of a well-trained team is significant. Internally, it supports greater productivity, boosts job satisfaction and improves products for a healthy bottom line. Externally, the outside world benefits from safer, more accurate software and tools for user/patient wellbeing.

Implementing a streamlined, intuitive, compliant training program can, however, be its own beast. For many companies, particularly at the enterprise level, training can be a complex, slow-moving process whose administration alone may eat up all of a QA manager’s time.

Here’s why and how you can easily leverage Confluence for easier, more effective training and compliance, regardless of how your company currently uses it:

If you’re already using Confluence for compliance

Loads of companies already use Confluence for compliance processes, particularly for controlled documents. It’s also common for those same companies to manage the training assignments on another system (often Word/Excel). Not only is this practice clunky and labor-intensive, but it’s also totally unnecessary.

Since you’re using Confluence for compliance purposes anyways, why not use it for Read & Understood training, too? RadBee created the Read & Understood Training Genius app to automate training assignments, reminders and confirmations in Confluence.

This simplifies training for staff by putting everything they need in one place, while simultaneously taking the burden of administration off QA managers. All they have to do is set the rules, and the app does the rest – including improving accuracy, pairing down infrastructure and maximising time and budget efficiencies.

If you’re using Confluence for non-compliance related processes

Plenty of companies already use Confluence for collaboration. For example, development teams may use it to manage their non-controlled materials. But many haven’t yet made the leap to also use Confluence for compliance purposes. While years ago keeping the “traditional but separate QMS IT” was understandable, today’s Confluence has dramatically increased capabilities, with innovative apps that extend it even further. This makes it a perfect solution for streamlining compliances processes, too.

For QA managers, reducing friction to increase engagement by meeting members of your organisation where they are is key. If they are already using Confluence for ongoing project management and collaboration, then that’s where your quality processes, including Read & Understood training, should also be. Once it’s integrated, you’ll find marked increases in traction and engagement among team members. It also makes it easy for auditors – the other key audience that’s accustomed to using Confluence – to review reports and confirm compliance.

In the quest for efficiency, Confluence is your knight in shining armour. It empowers your QA team to streamline processes, rescuing precious resources that can be better used to improve training quality, compliance and user experience.

For details on how Radbee’s Read & Understood Training Genius for Confluence app can help you streamline your training process, check it out on the Atlassian marketplace. You can also contact me for more information.


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