This post outlines the steps involved in setting up a quality management system (QMS) process in Jira Core.

QMS standard operating procedures (SOPs) are all about process management, which is what Jira Core excels at facilitating, so it makes good sense to use it for this purpose. I’ll guide you through the key steps in making the transition.

To make things more concrete, I’ll focus here just on the corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) SOP, within the context of life sciences. In fact, the relative complexity of this process and its central role in quality management means it’s often the first process clients ask us to help them transfer to Jira Core.

A couple of notes before we dive into the details:

  1. While most of the functionality described is available both on the Atlassian Cloud and the server version, some functions are currently only available on the server version.
  2. Some prerequisite knowledge of Jira Core configuration is assumed.

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I hope you will have found the guidance here useful for planning the transition of your CAPA SOP or other key procedures to Jira Core. Remember, if you need help at any stage, that’s what we’re here for, so please get in touch.