RadBee is now driving success for Monday.com users

Written by Rina Nir

Monday.com work OS

We’re pleased to announce that RadBee is a certified partner of Monday.com

Monday.com work OS

Monday.com Work OS is the platform built for a new way of working, adopted already by more than 152,000 businesses across the globe.

Adopting Agile and DevOps methodologies is no longer exclusive to IT and software development teams. It’s proliferating into all teams and disciplines. This results in the introduction of many different digital tools, often, at the granularity of an individual team.

With different teams using their tools data silos are quick to form. Leaders and teams lose the bigger picture, and cross-team collaboration becomes harder. With Monday.com Work OS, all the different tools integrate with a common backbone. The whole organisation rallies around a single vision and collaboration flourishes.

Monday.com becomes the single source of truth. It centralises your work, processes, tools, and files under one umbrella. With a vast set of integration features, it connects all your tools and bridges silos. Organisations that use Monday.com run projects with confidence and velocity.

RadBee Ltd is a veteran Atlassian solution partner. We are happy to extend our arsenal with Monday.com Work OS. The systems we configure for our customers ease pain, remove waste, and increase speed. We can now leverage it to achieve exactly this outcome, for more teams.

Are you on a digital journey? Check us out, RadBee could be the secret sauce to propel you to a digital epiphany.

How can Monday.com Work OS help you?

The Monday.com Work OS intuitively connects people to processes and systems. This empowers teams to excel and creates extreme transparency.

The platform is customizable to fit every need and integrates with a whole range of other platforms.

Getting started is easy. With a large variety of ready-made templates, there is always a good baseline to start from. The most popular templates are Marketing, Sales & CRM and Project Management.

Monday.com boards

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