Prepare for compliance audits with the newest eSignature App

Written by Rina Nir

prepare for compliance audits with the newest eSignature App

Speedy PDF Sign-Offs for Jira Cloud by RadBee is an eSignature App designed for fast-paced teams in regulated industries. It addresses situations when you need to create legal records from Jira Cloud issues to prepare for compliance audits.


Many of Speedy’s users are concerned about compliance audits. Preparing for an audit and making your records look ship-shape can take up a lot of time and energy. With Speedy PDF, all the signed issues are automatically stored for long term archiving. Even if the original issue is deleted or lost, the copy remains.This feature is indispensable to Anika, a complaints manager. Managing customer complaints requires working within a very strict process.

“I am audited several times a year. An auditor requires to see all the information related to our complaints. I need to convince them that all complaints were handled correctly per our process.”

Anika likes that Speedy helps her prepare for compliance audits. It helps her come across well to auditors by ensuring that legible records are stored safely. Anika’s colleague, Jon, Head of IT and Governance, notes that Speedy helps them show off to auditors by putting the company’s best foot forwards:

“Speedy captures everything in Jira and packages it so nicely into a perfect PDF layout. It creates a much better image of ourselves when auditors see it.”


Jon’s also seen how Speedy does a great job of removing waste from their process.

“Previously, while Anika and the other admin people were preparing for audits. They were creating those funny Jira exports and routing on actual paper (imagine) and then scan them. Using Speedy PDF Sign-Offs is so much more efficient!!”

Anika also feels more relaxed now:

“Finally, I feel that I am in total control of the data that I show to auditors. It’s all locked in this PDF. So even if the sky falls and the whole Jira project is deleted, I am safe.”

Speedy allows you to send and sign Jira Issues in minutes. Speedy is a vital tool in a busy workplace where it can be hard to find the time to stop work to sign issues. Anika’s work used to involve a lot of chasing around.

“Our team is very busy doing their daily job, and I hate to be the one who asks them to do this extra work. People do not always fully understand why this overhead I try to support them but I’m always reliant on their good will and collaboration.”

No worries there. Speedy sends emails to signatories directly so Anika doesn’t need to send out requests herself. If they take too long in responding, Speedy allows Anika to see who has yet to sign the issue. It’s easy for people to comply because issues can be signed-off in minutes without leaving Jira:

“It’s super easy to trigger a Speed-eRecord, and the app sends emails to people. The flow is so natural that most people just sign them off immediately.”

With Speedy PDF Sign-Offs, signing off Jira issues is intuitive and takes minutes. The PDFs are securely archived until they’re needed for audit. Speedy is here to keep your team moving, fast.

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace today and Download this app that will help you prepare for audits.


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