For years, we have helped heavily-regulated enterprises become more nimble and productive with innovative, waste-cutting QA systems that leverage Atlassian products. We’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for our clients to get their products to market faster while remaining compliant.

One of the issues for which we frequently are asked to develop workarounds is capturing official approvals in Jira so that Agile teams aren’t slowed down during the development process. While Jira serves as an excellent method to build products and track and resolve issues, it’s nearly impossible to  capture data at a precise moment in time, along with necessary sign-offs. This inability to quickly and easily document the”control event” — when an issue is reviewed, resolved, and approved — has long-ranging implications to the organization’s ability to pass critical audits, among other challenges. For example, enterprise users need to prove that:

  • Industry-specific testing processes were followed when a product is ready to be publicly released.
  • The team or enterprise followed security and vulnerability management processes.
  • All required documentation was provided, reviewed, and signed during the hiring process.

While we have been considering innovative ways to address this urgent client need and challenge, Atlassian’s Codegeist 2020 Hackathon presented the perfect opportunity for us to begin our journey to creating a turnkey, cloud-based solution. 

Introducing Speedy PDF Sign-Offs for Jira

We’re thrilled to announce the beta availability of Speedy PDF Sign-Offs for Jira, an Atlassian Marketplace application that helps fast-moving teams capture official sign-offs and document issue resolution and approvals without slowing down their flow. (See Speedy PDF Sign-Offs in action here!)

Able to handle any Jira issue, the enterprise app creates a beautifully formatted Speed-eRecord of a particular moment in time, which can be electronically signed and archived safely in a snap.

Speedy PDF Sign-Off for Jira takes only seconds to install and is immediately available across your entire enterprise. Once installed and your separate storage space for your Speed-eRecords is selected (either Google Drive or Amazon Web Services), your users can:

  • Capture Issues In One Click: Simply click on any Jira issue to create a Speed-eRecord. Speedy PDF Sign-Off supports your entire Jira instance, projects, and issue types.
  • Automate Signature Requests: Once your Speed-eRecord is created, it automatically triggers an e-signature request through our intuitive and easy interface.
  • Capture All Related Documentation: Speedy PDF Sign-Off for Jira captures all the related documentation and approvals for a single issue. Multiple media types are linked directly into the PDF document.

Try Our Beta today 

Speedy PDF is now in Beta, and we invite anybody to try it out. It’s currently pending approval on the Atlassian marketplace, but anybody who wants access can send us an email to

Speedy PDF Sign-Off is also RadBee’s first entry to Atlassian’s Codegeist 2020 competition! Check out our submission here, and please give us a like!