Keeping Speedy Secure with the Atlassian Bug Bounty Program

Written by Rina Nir

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Find Out How The Atlassian Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program Protects Speedy PDF Sign-Offs

Speedy PDF Sign-Offs is a Jira App for official document sign-offs. It keeps teams running at their best pace by allowing them to sign documents in Jira. No need to go through the circus of printing, scanning and routing. Now RadBee is going the extra mile to enhance Speedy’s stability and security. RadBee has submitted Speedy to the Atlassian Bug Bounty program to guarantee that you have the best product possible.

What Is The Bug Bounty Program?

The Bug Bounty program is one of Atlassian’s methods of strengthening security measures. The program relies on crowdsourcing bug discovery to detect and eliminate bugs. What does that mean? It means that it isn’t just RadBee ensuring that the Speedy is up to par.

Bugcrowd’s team of Application Security Engineers (ASE) will run a diagnostic on Speedy, searching for vulnerabilities. If they identify any recurring bugs, they’ll report it so our team can fix it.

RadBee’s partnership with the Bug Bounty Program will have dual impacts. It will enhance our debugging process not only by acting as another layer of defense but also by giving us a fresh perspective on our own software. Everyone knows how easy it is to miss an obvious problem when you’re too close to it.

Why Bug Bounty?

The Bug Bounty Program gets its name because it rewards Bugcrowd’s ASEs for each bug they identify. No question, they’re motivated to find vulnerabilities. What does this mean for Speedy? Well, it means that we at RadBee are confident in Speed’s integrity and that Bugcrowd won’t find enough bugs to bankrupt us!

What Does This Mean For Speedy Customers?

The Bug Bounty Program is good news for Speedy Customers. Now you can rest easy knowing that we’ve secured your system against vulnerabilities. Feel more confident that your confidential information is being kept safe. For the technically minded, here is a complete list of the Bug Bounty Focus Areas.

Get your hands onSpeedy and download it for free on the Atlassian Marketplace? Be sure to check out the RadBee Blog for more info on how to get the best out of Speedy, such as how Speedy can help you prepare for a compliance audit.


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