Jira Snapshots integrated with Scroll Documents, for a smooth regulatory submissions flow

Written by Rina Nir

Confluence and Jira can help product teams get into a good release flow. Did you know that they can also help teams get into a good submissions and technical files flow? With the latest integration between K15t’s Scroll Documents for Confluence and RadBee’s Jira Snapshots for Confluence, product teams can manage multiple versions of their specifications documents. This ensures that the documentation is preserved exactly as it was upon submission. Jira Snapshots helps generate the specifications documentation from Jira, while Scroll Documents makes it possible to compile these pages into one neat submission.

Read the complete details on K15t blog: How to Manage Regulatory Submissions with Confluence and Jira

See it in Action


The image in the post is used with permission from © K15t. All rights reserved.

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