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Has your job changed from Project Manager to Jira Ticket Explainer?

Then it’s time you met Jira Shapshots.

Give customers a painless overview of your team’s progress. So you can avoid drowning them in tickets. And give them a static list of Jira issues in Confluence instead.

Any time someone asks where the project’s at, simply hit “refresh” to update the snapshot and ping over your report.

Now that everyone’s (literally) on the same page, you can spend less time explaining tickets. And more time leading conversations between the business team and your engineers.

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Fabienne Gerhard

“Everybody’s super aware of what’s going on, which they love.”

Fabienne Gerhard

Atlassian Consultant, XALT Business Consulting GmbH

Quick reports. Fast Approvals.

Create a report and get approval in the same afternoon

By taking a one-click snapshot, you can give everyone a nice little digest of what your team’s working on. Instead of spending hours trawling through PDFs you manually cobbled together, stakeholders can compare time-stamped snapshots to see what’s changed. Meaning they can review the report in minutes. And you can go back to crushing your current sprint.

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This is a very nice app that we added into our environment. It is both effective and simple to install. The support team behind it is also very responsive and helpful.

Craig Watson

VP of Technology, DCL Logistics

Stay in control of who sees what

Keep clients in the loop without inviting them into your team’s private workspace

You shouldn’t have to give clients direct access to Jira to keep them in the know. With Jira Snapshots, you can stay in control of which issues are shared and what stays in Jira. Meaning you can dazzle your customer with your team’s progress. And leave your team to discuss the geeky bits in private.

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Meetings run a whole lot smoother at 0:48

Rachel Wright

I love how easy planning and reporting is with Jira Snapshots for Confluence.

“Simply create a Confluence page and take a 1-click snapshot to capture Jira issues. Now there’s a time-stamped report for scheduling discussions and for historical tracking purposes. It’s easy to compare snapshots to measure growth and change over time.“

Rachel Wright

Author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook

12:00 Hey, can I get an update on the UX project?
12:02 Sure, see attached!

Save time

Update reports in seconds. Get approval in minutes. Compare versions with a click.

Fewer meetings

Replace unproductive progress meetings with a time-stamped snapshot in Confluence.

Faster release cycle

Faster approvals mean a faster release cycle. Gain control over how frequently you ship.


Everyone knows where the project’s at. Even if they don’t know an SLA from an SLI.

Save money

Be selective about who gets a Jira license. Now clients can view Jira issues in Confluence instead.

More productive

Hold your team accountable. So you can improve efficiency. And crush your current sprint.

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100% secure. Always.

Jira Snapshots data is stored inside Confluence using Atlassian’s own infrastructure. This means your snapshots are protected by the same Atlassian policies, practices, and legal arrangements that govern Confluence data in its native location.

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Brenda Burrel

“It’s a really nice tool that solves a fairly big problem”

“We definitely recommend admins Take a look at this. It’s a really nice tool that solves a fairly big problem. And even if you have workarounds for these kinds of problems now, this is definitely something you want to be looking into.”

Brenda Burrel

Head of Consult Knowledge & Information Management at Adaptavist

Yep, Jira Snapshot runs on Data Center and on Cloud.
Here are more answers:

Who can see my snapshots?
Anyone you like! Your snapshots are stored in Confluence and can be seen by anyone with view permission on the page. All you need to do is share a link to the report and the recipient can access the data you want to share.
Can I use Jira Snapshots for traceability?
Absolutely. Agile teams in the medical and pharmaceutical fields are using Jira Snapshots to extract a traceability matrix from Jira. They love that Snapshots allows them to create multi-level reports so they can see the traceability between different levels of requirements.
Jira Snapshots makes it easy to generate all the design documents you need to gain FDA approval.
Does Jira Snapshots integrate with other tools in the Atlassian Marketplace?
Yep. As fans of tools like XRay and ScriptRunner, we designed Jira Snapshots to play well with other tools in the Atlassian Marketplace. XRay fields and ScriptRunner scripted fields can be included in snapshots.
Will I be able to access previous snapshots?
Jira Snapshots captures data at the time of reporting and stores it in Confluence. Each Snapshot automatically creates a new version of the Confluence page. When you view older versions of the page, you will see the relevant snapshot data for the older version.
Snapshots also has a DIFF mode. This enables you to view what has changed in the recent report compared to any previous version.
Where does Jira Snapshots store my data?
Jira Snapshots stores your data on Confluence itself.
Rodney Nissen

“Honestly, this is just a nice, simple concept that is executed well”

“This problem is where this App comes in. It allows you to take a “Snapshot” of the Jira information as it exists, then persists that information, so you have a record of how Jira looked when you took the record. But – you don’t lose the context of the issue, meaning you can still click on it to go to Jira and see how that issue exists today. The setup on this one wasn’t the clearest out of the gate, but once I tried to use the App, it guided me through the steps to get it set up and ready to use. Honestly, this is just a nice, simple concept that is executed well”

Rodney Nissen

Sr. Atlassian Engineer & Blogger, The Jira Guy

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Make collaborations easy peasy 🍋

Connect your teams by getting everyone on the same page. Get everyone on the same page with Jira Snapshots.

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