How to Sign Jira Issues with DocuSign

Written by Rina Nir

Sign How to sign Jira Issues with DocuSign

DocuSign is one of the leading eSignature apps on the market. You may already be familiar with it and want to use it to sign Jira Issues. However, since DocuSign isn’t natively compatible with Jira Cloud, there are steps you to go through to use it to sign Jira Issues with DocuSign. We’ll show you how to bridge that gap and use DocuSign to sign issues from Jira Cloud.

Step 1: Getting Started with Docusign.

Getting started with DocuSign is much like trying out any new app. You can experiment with it by starting a free trial on the website, here.

Step 2: Creating an Account.

To use DocuSign, create an account and start a membership. To begin your membership, you’ll need to provide your name, email address and reason for downloading.

Step 3: Exporting the Issue.

DocuSign isn’t naturally compatible with Jira Cloud. So before you can sign Jira Issues with DocuSign, you’ll have to export the issue as a word document.

Sign off Jira with Docusign

If you’re looking for an easy way to sign Jira issues, then why not check out Speedy PDF Sign Offs? RadBee’s very own PDF Signing App. Specifically designed to sign Jira Issues from right within Jira Cloud.

Step 4: Preparing the Issue for Signing.

Now you’re ready to sign your Jira issue (turned Word document.) Next you’ll want to log-in to DocuSign and select your Word document for upload.

Sign off Jira with Docusign

Step 5: Including Signatories.

Now you need to get the issue into your signatories’ hands.

  1. Fill out all the signatories’ names and email addresses.
  2. You may add an access code for security, which you come up with yourself and may be unique to each signatory.

Step 6: Preparing the Issue for Signing.

  1. Click ‘Signature’ from the standard fields.
  2. Print the signature textbox in an appropriate place on the issue. This is where signatories will place their signatures.
  3. You can do the same for initials.
  4. Place the date box. It will record the date of the signing.
  5. Do not use the ‘stamp’ feature. This is for Japanese documents and will only accept Japanese characters.

Step 7: Preparing the Email.

Now that the Issue is ready, prepare the email to the signatories.

  1. You write it as you would any email, changing the subject line and writing the body text in the email text box.
  2. You may program DocuSign to send reminder emails.

Step 8: Developing a Signature.

Once you’ve created and sent the document, you’ll need to sign it yourself. However, before you do that, you need to create your own electronic signature.

  1. When you click on a signature text box, it will ask you to adopt a signature.
  2. The program will automatically turn your full name into a signature, re-writing your name in calligraphy. It will do the same with your initials.
  3. If the name you use in your signature varies from your birth name, you may change it.
  4. You may likewise change the style of calligraphy your name is written in. DocuSign has a number of varied styles.

Sign off Jira with Docusign

Step 9: Signing the dotted line.

Signing the document is the simplest part of the process. Once you’ve clicked on the text box, select the signature which you’ve already created to printed it. Do the same for any initials. Once you’ve filled all the spaces, you need only click finish. That’s that, you’ve signed the document.

Step 10: Storage.

Once an issue is signed, it is stored in your DocuSign account in case you ever need to access it again.

DocuSign has long been a useful tool for businesses signing off on documents. If you choose to sign Jira Issues with DocuSign, then this guide will help you make that happen. However, if you want to find an app that will let you sign Jira Cloud issues directly from Jira, check out this article on choosing the right eSign App for you.


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