When designing a controlled document management system, it’s important to take the requirements of everyone who may need to access the documents into account. That’s why mapping users’ needs through each stage of the controlled document lifecycle is a key element in each of our quality management projects.

The list below shows how a document management solution based on Confluence meets the main requirements of any life sciences quality management system (expand each title to read the details):

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As you can see, although Confluence was originally designed to aid software development, with the right configuration and customisation it’s perfect for creating, editing and managing controlled documents. It provides valuable flexibility while driving consistency and promoting continuous improvement.

If you would like help implementing a Confluence-based document management system at your company, please get in touch.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”info-2″ wrap=”span”] The information provided relate to using a customised and configured Confluence Server installation, relying on the current version at the time of publishing (version 5.9.4).