From Jira Cloud to Microsoft Sharepoint with Speedy PDF Sign-Offs

Written by Rina Nir

How Speedy PDF Sign-Offs for Jira Cloud streamlines your documentation

If your organization uses Microsoft SharePoint to organize business-critical documents, then you know how cumbersome documenting official sign-offs of Jira Cloud issues can be. Does this workflow sound familiar?

  • Export the documentation from Jira.
  • Sign the exported tool using a third-party eSignature app that’s external to Jira (e.g. DocuSign or Adobe Sign).
  • Store the approved document in Microsoft SharePoint.

Clunky, subject to human error, and tedious at best, a productivity time-suck and compliance risk at worst.

Now, there’s finally a simple fix for those of us who want a simple, automated process for saving signed Jira issues directly in Microsoft SharePoint; with Speedy PDF Sign-Offs for Jira Cloud.

The app allows you to export a Jira issue as PDF and route it to signees right from Jira in a single flow. Once signed-off, the record is stored in SharePoint and visible from the Jira issue.

What is Speedy PDF for Jira Cloud?

Speedy PDF Sign-Offs helps agile teams capture electronic signatures and document issue resolution and approvals without slowing down their flow.

Able to handle any Jira issue, this essential documentation app creates a beautifully formatted Speedy PDF record of the particular moment in time. This Speedy PDF record can subsequently be electronically signed from within the app and archived safely in no-time.

How a digital health company uses Speedy PDF sign-Offs & Microsoft SharePoint

Superhealth (an alias for a real medtech company) uses both Jira and SharePoint. Compliance tops the list of their needs, and they must maintain strict product design documentation.

During the development process, Superhealth’s dev team defines software specifications in Jira. These specs are approved by the development lead and the product manager.

Superhealth has set up their Jira to work with SharePoint. Their workflow will look like that:

  1. Defined a new issue type (specification item) in Jira.
  2. Applied a workflow that captures the evolution of the specification from a backlog item to one that is part of the product. One of the statuses in the workflow is “ready for release.”
  3. When the issue’s status is “ready for release,” the team lead reviews the Jira data to ensure it’s complete and correct.
  4. If all is perfect, she triggers Speedy PDF Sign-Offs, assigning the development lead and the product owner to sign off.
  5. Once the responsible parties have officially approved the documentation, it’s automatically archived in SharePoint.

This setup allows their dev team to avoid context-switching and wasting time while remaining compliant with FDA regulations. Superhealth can now provide an easy-to-access digital audit trail showing that all of the required documentation was provided, reviewed, and signed following standard operating protocols.

Getting Started With Speedy PDF Sign-Offs for Jira

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If you use SharePoint to organize and archive your documentation, Speedy PDF is your new secret weapon in automating your process and ensuring compliance. Got questions? We’re happy to share our expertise and help ensure your success, so contact us.

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