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Written by Rina Nir

Best Jira eSignature

As of October 2020, Atlassian announced that it is moving away from its server platform and focusing on cloud. Now that Jira Cloud is (almost) the only Jira platform, and with more official processes moving to it, eSignature applications which are compatible with Jira Cloud have become an essential tool for Jira customers.

eSignature options in brief

APPPrice Widely UsedIncludes Custom FieldsIntegrates With Jira
Docusign, Adobe Sign or similarDocuSign or Adobe Sign: $10 per user per month
The eSign App$0.5 per user per month

Here are the options:

Docusign and Adobe Sign

  • Widely Used – So your team members may already have experience working with them.
  • Does not integrate with Jira Cloud – so using them will require extra steps such as exporting data from Jira to have it signed externally.
  • If it’s being used in other parts of your business already then it may be easier on your team to adapt the work process you’ve used with docusign to Jira Cloud.
  • Expensive option – DocuSign and Adobe Sign are both $10 per month per user. For a large team that adds up.
  • Whilst DocuSign is easy to start up, it is quite fiddly and requires making and remaking lots of text boxes for your signature.

External applications can be an eSignature solution. They require a few extra steps to operate since you need to export the PDF from Jira first. If your team already uses one of these programs, you can download a PDF either with Jira native options or using the PDF exporter App. However, none of the popular eSignature programs have an integration with Jira Cloud. These are also the most expensive options. The Jira Marketplace Apps for eSignatures cost significantly less.

The eSign App

  • Easy to install – it installs on Jira exactly like any other Atlassian Marketplace App.
  • Integrates with Jira Cloud – so no need to export the data from Jira to get it signed.
  • Relies on the current data in Jira as the primary “Source of Truth” so if Jira data changes then you actually no longer have clarity what data was actually signed. The certificate that is created once everyone has signed includes the names of the files attached to Jira, however, it does not embed the actual attached files.
  • Creates PDF Certificate with basic fields from the Jira issue. Does not include the description field or the custom fields.
  • Inexpensive – Teams of up to 100 pay $0.5 per user per month.

eSign is a good e-signature solution if you are looking for an easy one-step signature in Jira but are less concerned about capturing the data associated with this signature. eSign’s authentication is created via an application specific user defined password. The signature is done by each user independently – there is no facility to assign specific users to sign. eSign timestamps signatures but does not capture the actual Jira data. So if you signed now and the issue was modified, the certificate would state that the Jira issue was modified and needs to be re-signed. You could configure Jira to block edits on the issue but this requires a high level of admin effort and skill.

Speedy PDF

  • Easy to install – it installs on Jira exactly like any other Atlassian Marketplace App.
  • Integrates with Jira Cloud.
  • Requires external storage location (Configured once on installation of the App) – For example – you can connect your Google cloud storage or set up an AWS bucket.
  • Exports most Jira fields – including custom fields.
  • Embeds attachments into a standalone Speed-eRecord.
  • Free

Speedy PDF offers an e-signature solution that is committed to compliance. While it is a simple set-up, it is more complicated than eSign since you need to designate an external storage location such as AWS or Google Drive. Speedy’s authentication process is done through an OTP (one time password) which is sent to specified users via email when they need to sign. With a handy overview panel to monitor users’ progress, once users have signed off and included any attachments, it creates a Speed-eRecord PDF as a standalone ready-to-archive record. The record is kept separate from the Jira issue so even if the issue is deleted, the record will remain. This is compatible with FDA CFR 21 part 11. Under the hood, Speedy PDF uses the powerful iTextpdf engine for its PDF generation and manipulation.

In time, we may expect to see a wider array of e-signature software compatible with Jira Cloud. Until then, this list of software represents the best and brightest options for Jira Cloud e-signatures.

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