Combine Xray test management with Jira Snapshots for a perfect regulated DevOps flow

Written by Rina Nir

Agile in Pharma? Let DevOps charge your Agile transformation

For teams in regulated environments, a DevOps cycle is not complete unless it includes also the flow of creating the release specifications. If you use Jira and Confluence, you can build a powerful tool chain that will stream data from your automatic test cycle into your official release documentation. Two vital tools to make it happen are Xray test management, and Jira Snapshots for Confluence.

That’s how the DevOps pipeline will look like:

  1. Commit software changes triggers build and the chain of automatic tests;
  2. The results of automatic tests are automatically streamed into Jira, using Xrays’ API;
  3. If required for full coverage: Manual test cycle is performed- and documented in Jira;
  4. With Jira Snapshots, the release documentation is only few clicks away. Test report and traceability reports are then submitted for pre-release approvals.

Read all the details, in the article on Xrays blog: How DevOps, Xray and Jira Snapshots can get your team into an optimal release cycle

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