We customize Atlassian products for Agile Quality Management Systems

Agile teams deserve an equally agile quality management system. We harness the power of Atlassian to help you ace audits, reduce waste and boost your bottom-line.

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How we help

As your partner in quality system design and implementation, we take an Agile approach to minimize waste and optimise wins throughout the process.
When you work with us, you can expect:


A co-creative discovery process


Time, resources, and budget-saving prototyping


An iterative, dynamic development process


Seamless, secure validation and data migration


Results tied to business objectives and compliance demands


Post-installation support, including detailed instructions and training

Supercharge your collaboration: controlled documents on Confluence

When it comes to sharing knowledge and collaborating — be it cross-team or organisation-wide — Confluence is the perfect solution. We’ll help you ditch slow paper-based practice by securely bringing a range of official documentation into Confluence, including quality procedures, work instructions, and design documents. Using our proprietary apps in combination with tried and true third-party apps from the Atlassian Marketplace, we design and implement the following custom set-ups:


Approval workflow


Management system for official versioning of Confluence pages


Reporting (i.e., page history report, master document index)


Compliant exporting (i.e., with CFR 21 part 11)


Read & Understood training

Document control tables are generated automatically, so you’ll never have to maintain them manually.

Training rules

Finally, Confluence’s Page History also clearly indicates the versions which are official versions.

Atlassian tools

For more on how we can help you support your controlled documents in Confluence, explore how we helped a biotech start-up digitise a paper-based QMS and ensure ISO-27001 compliance in just five weeks

Regulated requirement management and continuous integration pipeline

CI using Atlassian tools

The future of regulated software development is here. As Agile and DevOps practices make it to life sciences, we help companies build the most reliable way to release validated software. Using your product requirements and functional specifications, we custom design a toolchain that automates the process from development to release. Complete traceability and other design reports are automatically generated in Confluence for easy review and electronic approval.

The result is freedom from bureaucratic tasks, with more time for your team to concentrate on building better software and products.

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Webinar Replay

How Structure for Jira Works for MedTech, BioTech, and Pharma

by RadBee Founder & CEO, Rina Nir

Bespoke solutions for
FDA-regulated processes

Staying compliant is the #1 priority for life sciences companies— but it doesn’t need to be painful. Jira and Confluence are Agile teams’ platform of choice for intuitive, streamlined solutions for ongoing project management and collaboration, not to mention the perfect environment for easy quality management.

If you’re tired of managing key documentation like CAPAs, Complaints Forms, and Change Control Forms in siloed applications like Excel, now’s the time to harness the power of Atlassian products. We work with you to design and deploy a custom eQMS that optimises your process and eliminates bureaucratic overhead. The result is a lightweight, audit-ready process that empowers your team to quickly and efficiently handle the regulatory requirements, with plenty of time left over to focus on building better products.

For more on how we can save you time, resources, and budget while ensuring compliance, check out how we helped an IVD company with a custom eQMS solution:

Radbee’s Read & Understood Training Genius App for Confluence

As Atlassian product experts, we have a bird’s-eye view of the best automation opportunities that can save QA managers valuable time and resources. Our first Confluence app, available on the Atlassian Marketplace, is the Read & Understood Training Genius. It is a turnkey, enterprise-level eQMS application built to ease the training and compliance burdens of the heavily-regulated pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech industries.

The Read & Understood Training Genius for Confluence empowers QA managers with greater control and hands-free assignment, freeing up valuable time for improved productivity. Simply define your training matrix rules and let the Training Genius take it from there.

With this app, you can:
Define rules to reflect the training matrix across your collection of Confluence pages and your organisational chart.
Automate training verification and update assignments within Confluence
Define time limits for Read & Understood confirmations and set reminder alerts
Provide detailed reporting on individual, team, and organization-wide training records and status

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